Terms and Conditions For Teachers

1. A tutor confirms that they are at least eighteen years old and that they possess the necessary education and/or work experience required to instruct students in the subject or subjects that the tutor has listed on the website.

2. A tutor acknowledges and agrees that Pinnacle Teacher is not his or her employer, and he or she takes full responsibility for all income taxes and other amounts owed in connection with any fees resulting from a tuition agreement made with a student or parent via the website. To our registered members, we do not offer any certificates of job experience.

3. A tutor acknowledges and agrees that any information they enter on the site will be accessible to the public and may show up in search engine results (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

4. A tutor agrees to take full responsibility for any information that they publish on the website and to hold Pinnacle Teacher free from any liability arising from this information.

5. When a tutor signs up for the Pinnacle Teacher service, they commit to provide accurate and up-to-date information about themselves, including their name, address, phone number or numbers, qualifications, tutoring experiences, and any other information that Pinnacle Teacher may need.

6. In the form boxes for tutoring experience, teaching style, and other topics, a tutor will not provide a personal email address or phone number. Under no circumstances is adding contact information acceptable outside of specified fields. In the event that Tutor breaches this agreement, Pinnacle Teacher retains the right to suspend or cancel Tutor’s account.

7. Before beginning a tuition engagement, tutors must provide confirmation of their qualifications or reveal them to the reasonable satisfaction of the student or parent party. They must also do so later, upon request.

8. Pinnacle Teacher makes no guarantees regarding finding a tutor for a student. We cannot guarantee how many inquiries or business a tutor will receive during their subscription period.

9. If you are unable to use the tuition leads or turn tutor inquiries into work, Pinnacle Teacher is not responsible. Your lead facility will function at its best if you answer inquiries the same day they are posted. On the other hand, we would not be responsible for any inconvenience.

10. If a student’s phone is off when you call, or if parents or students don’t answer to your queries, Pinnacle Teacher is not responsible. In such instances, no leads will be refunded.

11. To the best of our knowledge, every tuition published on our website has been validated. Pinnacle Teacher shall not be liable for any information not disclosed in advance by the parent or student.

12. It is the tutor’s duty to persuade and impress the student or parents with his or her methods of instruction and skills.

13. If parents or students have not paid for the tuition sessions in advance, Pinnacle Teacher shall not be responsible to compensate tutors in any manner.

14. Before sending any direct payments to each other, tutors and students can ask to confirm each other’s residence information and addresses. Any direct payment between the two parties will not be the responsibility of Pinnacle Teacher.

15. Tutor agrees to hold Pinnacle Teacher harmless against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses (actual or consequential) of any kind and kind resulting from any use of the Site by the Tutor, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, revealed or undisclosed.

16. Since we are not involved in any interactions that tutors and students have, we are not responsible for any conflicts, misunderstandings, or arguments that may occur between parents, students, and tutors. To resolve the matter amicably, the tutors, parents, and students are welcome to accept our advice and comments.

17. Tutor alone will be accountable and liable to Student for all promises and representations made to students or parents, and Tutor will also hold us blameless and indemnified.

18. In the relationship between a teacher and student, the tutor is supposed to act in a way that is expected of a teacher or coach.

19. All of the student data and contact information provided by Pinnacle Teacher is intended solely for your personal use and should not be utilized for any other reason that does not directly involve you. No student data may be sold or given to other tutors. Pinnacle Teacher retains the right to immediately terminate the tutor registration whose involvement in such behavior has been found.

20. Students need to pay Rs.20 per contact of the students or parents. The contact of the parents along with the tuition lead details will be sent via WhatsApp.