8 Tips to improve your spoken English

8 Tips To Improve Your Spoken English 

The craze for spoken English is increasing day by day. English has become a global language. It is used everywhere in school as well as in the office.

Do you know English but feel shy or nervous while speaking in English?

Then you are at the right place. 

8 Best tips to improve spoken English-

Speak, speak and speak-

It is the only way to improve English. If you know basic English then you are ready to speak. All you need is the environment. But, in our surroundings, people talk in their mother tongue. That’s the main reason we feel nervous while speaking because we haven’t practiced it. So, create your environment and ask your friends or family members who know English to talk to you in English.

Talk in front of a mirror-

If you fail to create an environment or you are born in a place where no one talks in English no need to worry, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Ask questions to yourself and provide the answer for the same. This will help you.

Record your voice –

The third thing you can do is record your voice and listen to them if you find some errors or want improvements then improve them and record it again. And there is nothing in the world that you can’t achieve through regular practice. All you need to be is consistent.

Read Loudly-

Reading not only improves vocabulary but also improves pronunciation which plays a very important role in spoken English

No need to rote grammar rules-

Yes, you hear it right. Learning grammar doesn’t ensure that you will speak English fluently. Have you learned the grammar of your native language?

Or did your mother teach you grammar when you were an infant? The answer is NO. To speak English you don’t need to rote thousands of grammar rules.

Think in English-

The most important thing to speak English fluently is to think in English. If you start thinking in English then half of the task is done and the other half is done by practice, practice and practice.

Watch Hollywood movies-

It is the best way, here you learn through fun and entertainment. You can also play various other games like a tongue twister to improve your spoken English.

Curious –

Lastly, you need to be curious. Curious to learn new words and phrases. If you find any new word then be curious and try to find its meaning in the dictionary.

Not only Learn but also apply it in your day-to-day life.

Follow these 8 tips to enhance your spoken English skills. In conclusion, I just want to say that if you want to learn something then give your 100% and nothing in the world can stop you. And it’s only one language.

So next time, talk in English, read in English, and think in English.